a microlabel based in the german baltic sea port of wismar, curated by duncan ó ceallaigh.

the label identifies itself through a unified visual aesthetic and  musically by concentrating on ambient / microsound / dub-infused electronica, contemporary classical  and post-rock.

info [at] parvoart [dot] org

please note, parvoart is currently NOT taking demo submissions.

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++ dóc compilation track! ++

'just one moment', a compilation album on the audio gourmet label, a collection of no less than 60 one minute tracks to raise money for the japan recovery project. duncan ó ceallaigh contributed a new track 'scapa flow'.

take a listen and purchase the album as download for just £2,99


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cds can be bought directly from the website using paypal. there are very limited numbers of cds also available at the following sites - click to be forwarded:



cd baby

in addition, parvo 001 + 009 are available to purchase as high quality download at


parvo 002, 003 + 006 at


parvo 010 is available via itunes.

120 minutes of parvoart material - including tracks from every release as well as previously unreleased material and unique mixes, originally made for radio scarpe pensée and now available HERE. enjoy!